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Animation & VFX- A Growing Trend in Bollywood

Our own, Very known Bollywood Film director, Vikram Bhatt has been there in buzz among VFX fraternity, whether these are VFX students or VFX professionals. He created India’s First 3D Monster movie “Creature” in 2015 and now he is coming with most talked about Emraan Hashmi Starrer Sci-Fi film “Mr.X”, which is going to mass visible on 17th April, 2015 as per sources.

The Base of the movie is the social justice by the hero who accidentally got power of Invisibility and same old love angle whether required or not. Emraan Hashmi has maintained his identity of kisser in this film also whether he is visible or invisible in the movie as far as film poster shows.

“Mr. X” is certainly going to be a new chapter of Indian Animation & VFX history at least among the VFX students so far the trailer of the move shows. The trailer, in first look, reminds us the Anil kapoor starrer Mr. India and Hollywood epic Hollow Man but it would be too early to tag it.

The Hollow Man was created 15 years back but it is still having edge on “Mr.X” as per special effects. So Hiring an award winning VFX expert and buying advance technology, cannot assure the competency of Bollywood Animation & VFX compare to Hollywood. It is very much equally depends on the expertise of CGI team, their learning which working upon the project and above that the Storyline & Visualization.

Indian Film Industry has been exhaustively using more and more CGI contents and day will come when our industry would be at par with Hollywood VFX. But it is very much depend on quality Demand & Supply of Animation & VFX professionals and one has to understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea to enter & sustain in film industry. Whether you are working in front of the camera or behind the camera or working in the CGI team you have to prove your qualitative and quantitative approach in the industry. Just knowing softwares leads us nowhere and Thinking Ability & Creative Visualization would be needed to be in industry.


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