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Animation & Visual Effects

It is a good idea to dream a Career in Animation & Visual Effects and join some academy to fulfill the dream. But it is better to have some type of introspection before launching yourself in the industry rather than going with the rumors about it.

“Passion & Patience” is the key of success in Media & Entertainment industry which further broadly divided into Multi-Media, Animation, Visual Effects, Cinematographic, Motion Graphics and Advertisement areas. Let us make you understand that Media & Entertainment industry works under Tight Schedule, Re-Takes are very common in the industry and above that the Deadline is very important here. Sometime time you have to be there in odd schedule as per requirement. So your passion helps you to be there during tough conditions and your Patience helps in tackling the Retakes.

Now come to your learning. It is a good to know many types of software, better if you know the uses of these softwares with an eye of details aesthetically and best if you are able to use these softwares to create something your own ,your story line, your characters, your virtual dream world etc. But Most of the students come under first category where they are good software operators but when question comes to create original Intellectual property, they stand nowhere.

We have been using the almost same technology, same softwares like western countries, but the final output is not been upto the expectation. So To meet the standards, one has to value the study of pre production equally as production & post production.

All the students are advice to know the history, the progress and the latest trends of the industry. They must spend a proportionate time in reading story, drawing, coloring, sculpting, photography, Film Criticism etc. They must enjoy the creative experiment with softwares and do not be afraid of failure. Every NEW thing has equal chances of success & failure and is true teacher for further success. Do not just look at it as job prospect but try to create your own identity.

Social Media has become new platform to show case your work, get critical analysis of your works, get connect with industry professionals etc.

Last but not the least softwares are more than software if you explore its creative potential and create your magical world. So Career in Animation & Visual Effects can be Day Dreaming career for any one.

Best of Luck


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