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Visual Effects-An Insight-2

Many Animation & VFX institutes in all over India have been adding Practical Effects Techniques at least as a theoretical subject nowadays. Thanks to World Wide Web for its rich resource that enables a youngster to understand the Visual Effects Industry better and to chose the appropriate Animation & VFX institutes. This youngster are no more focusing on software centric education but also exploring other techniques of visual effects for better & higher career prospects in the industry.

In continuation of our last write-up about “Forced Perspective” & “Animatronics” CG Mantra Animation & VFX institute try to educate upcoming young aspirants about some of the techniques which has been using in worldwide since long. This time we focus on “Miniature Set” which goes parallel with Forced Perspective. Both the techniques are based on illusion of space & have been used to create fake size relationships and known as Practical Visual Effects also.

Sharukh Khan Starrer Ra-One is the best example to make any one to understand the significance of Miniature Set where Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) scale model has used to show the destruction of CST after hit by a Train. Many times this technique become the sought after solution of realistic, easiest and cheapest visual effects even in Hollywood films. After such advancement of Computer Graphics, a Miniature model has been used by many film makers like Miniature Magic in Michael Bay’s Transformer Movie by ILM.

The Affordable 3D Printing Technology has already revolutionized the use of Miniature Set technique. It allows to easy recreation of the same scale model at many times as per requirement and also easy to modify the Scale Model.

Very recently Autodesk India & Red Chillies VFX have created life size model or should say 3d Print of Saha Rukh Khan with the help of 3D Printing Technology.

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