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Question : What is Animation & VFX?

Answer : Generally, Animation is one of the visual medium of communication like Film Making, Advertisement, E Learning, Architecture, Scientific, Engineering and Pre Visualization etc. Scientifically it is based on Persistence of vision optical theory which creates an illusion of Motion if look at a changing sequence images at a fixed rate.
Whenever you add something visual to any live action footage to get desired effects, which is otherwise naturally not possible or risky, known as VFX. For an example adding a background with help of Matte painting or a still image, creating natural phenomenon like Tornado, Tsunami, Blast etc.

Question : How are Animation & VFX as a career options?
Question : How are animation & VFX as a career?

Question : What is the scope of Animation in India?

Answer : The excessive use of Animation & VFX contents in the Indian Film & TV Industry has opened many career options in recent time. The huge amount (Approx. 100 crore) has spent on VFX for TV Serial “Mahabharata” and same with “Devo key Dev Mahadev”, Super Cops
Super Villain” and many more. On the other hand “Chota Bheem”, “Motu Patlu”, “Chor Police” “Roll No 21” and many others are the part of daily life of every kids in India.
These are the few statistics which has been indicating the requirement of man power to create such entertainment programmes.
Question : What is the difference in animation 2D and 3D?

Answer : In layman’s language a Painting is 2D and Sculpture is 3D format. In other terms 2D is having Height & Width (X & Y axis) and 3D is having Height, Width & Depth (X, Y & Z Axis).
Question : Are drawing Skills compulsory for becoming a good animator?

Answer : Fine Arts skills may not be compulsory but to achieve life like output or to replicate the world, one has to have the visualization skills.”An Eye for Details” is the key of success in the industry. More Important is Dedication, Passion and Patience.
Question : What kind of salary can be expected after the completion of an animation course?

Answer : It varies from 8k to 100k based on performance and “X Factor” of the person. Many studios even pay a handsome incentive for quantative output. Many Passed Out professionals has been established their own studio and providing jobs for others also.
Question : What are the career opportunities in Animation?

Answer : Script Writer, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, Modeling Artist, Texturing Artist, Rigging Artist, Animator, Roto Artist, Tracking Artist, Matchmoving Artist, Cleanup Artist, FX Artist, Compositor, Editor.
Question : How is CG Mantra different from others?

Answer :

  • Only academy with “Multi-studio Facility” under one roof.
  • Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) for High End Film editing and finishing “Smoke, Flame & Luster”.
  • Production Quality “Green Screen & Sound Studio.”
  • Industry Experienced “Autodesk Certified Faculty”.
  • Industry approved & globally accepted curricula leading to multiple career opportunities.
  • In-house Production Facility-Transmind.
  • Project based learning approach.
  • Renowned & Diverse Advisory Panel ensuring strong industry connects.
  • 100% Placement Record.

Question : What are the fees for CG Mantra courses?

Question : What are the batch timings at CG Mantra?

Answer : Academy Timing:-9.30AM -6.00PM.
Batch Timings are flexible as per candidate requirements based on availability.
What software do you teach in CG Mantra courses?

Answer :

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Autodesk Smoke, Flame, Luster.
  • Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premier
  • Adobe After Effect,
  • Flash
Question : What are the placements & career prospects after completing a CG Mantra course?

Answer : http://www.cgmantra.in/placements.html
Question : What are the facilities & infrastructure like at CG Mantra?

Answer :

  • Only academy with “Multi-studio Facility” under one roof.
  • Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) for High End Film editing and finishing “Smoke, Flame & Luster”, Maya 3ds Max.
  • Production Quality “Green Screen & Sound Studio.”
  • Industry Experienced “Autodesk Certified Faculty”.
  • In-house Production Facility-Transmind.
Question : Where are the campuses of CG Mantra?

Answer : D-108, Sector-2, Noida
Question : What are the eligibility/admission criteria in CG Mantra?

Answer : Minimum 10th Passed+ Personal Interview.
Question : What is the admission procedure in CG Mantra?

Answer :

  • Filling Up the Admission Forms.
  • Personal Interview.
Question : Does CG Mantra have any loan facility/ bank tie-ups for payment of course fees?

Answer : Education Loan is the matter of Financial Status of the student or their Parents/Guardian and individual decision of a loan provider.CG Mantra can provide the required documents to avail the loan.
Question : Does the CG Mantra Institute have hostel facilities?

Answer : PG Accommodation Facility available only as per individual requirement.
Question : What courses can I take up after 10+2?

Answer : Animation, Multi Media, VFX or Mass-communication.

Question : What are the other events that CG Mantra organizes?

Question : What are the activities that CG Mantra organizes for student engagement?

Answer : Study Tour, Mantrakruti-In house competition and “CG QUEST” annual fest.
Question : What benefits do CG Mantra students get while preparing for their careers?

Answer : Crafting the CV, Communication Skills and On & Off Campus Placement Support
Question : What are the career courses for graphic & web designing?

Answer : Short Term programmes in Graphic Design, Web Design or any specific software training for the industry.

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